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How I work


I am driven by helping people. I thrive on authenticity, trust and getting a job done properly.


I offer a one stop shop. A unique and bespoke combination of emotional, legal and practical skills backed by personal experience, to provide help and support through the turbulent and traumatic changes brought about when preparing for the end of life and at times of bereavement and loss.

My Commitment To You

My core value is the care for others. I acknowledge and understand that the work I offer is done in the spirit of serving others for the better, including serving myself by considering my own needs. 


I live by a value of integrity. I am willing to take responsibility for the spiritual, environmental and human effects of my activities, including being honest with myself and others, while embodying kindness in my actions. 


I respect the trust placed in me by my clients and will discuss your emotional and administrative needs with you to establish how best to achieve your personal desired outcome.


I will explain my qualifications to you and tell you if your circumstances are beyond my level of expertise and knowledge.

Respecting others:
I respect others - their differences, views, origins, religion, ethnicity, backgrounds and issues, and keep my personal views to myself. 


I am committed to the well-being of the people I work with. 


I work to a high level of detail and am a starter finisher. I will overcome obstacles to see a job through to the end for you.

Facilitation Action-Taking:
I do all I can, in a kind yet firm way, to ensure that those I work with take action with their end of life plans. I provide reassurance, encouragement and support, while maintaining clear boundaries. 


I keep all the work I do confidential, in accordance with the privacy and data protection laws in England.

For further information on Before I Go practices please read this document.

I am here to help you and your loved ones prepare your end of life plans and at times of loss. Please contact me for an initial no obligation chat and find out how I can help.


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