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My mission is to help others feel less alone in times of bereavement and loss. No matter whether facing death themselves or the loss of those who are closest.

I also educate people about what happens when someone dies. My vision is to make end of life plans as commonplace as birth plans. I help you get everything in order before your loved ones have to. And when the time comes, I help those left behind with the emotional, legal, financial and administrative tasks that they face. 

Whatever your unique situation is, I have extensive experience to support and help you in every aspect of these very unusual and seemingly impossible times. Providing a unique combination of emotional, legal and probate support after someone dies. 


Preparing Your End Of Life Plan

Did you know that 85% of people acknowledge that an end-of-life plan is a great idea? Yet only 15% actually get around to doing anything about one. That means most people end up feeling anxious and overwhelmed as they approach the end of life. It also means that their loved ones face uncertainty and difficult decisions at a time when they need comfort and reassurance.

When you are fit and healthy, the last thing on your mind is the end of life. However, this is actually the very time to address the issues. 

If you're reading this, and you want to "get your ducks in a row", saving yourself needless worry, I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way. Your end of life plan can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind as well as saving them time and money. Think of it as an insurance policy without the monthly costs. 

The Grief Recovery Method

I teach the Grief Recovery Method both as a 1 on 1 and a Group Programme, teaching life long tools to help you recover from losses of all kinds. I also help parents and teachers support children with loss with the Helping Children with Loss Programme. 


The Grief Recovery Method is an Evidenced Based Programme. Research conducted by the Kent State University has shown that The Grief Recovery Method approach to helping grievers deal with the pain of emotional loss in any relationship is 'Evidence Based' and effective. The only Grief Support Programme to have received this distinction of being evidence based.

Judges Examining Document

After Someone Dies

There are a number of factors which can affect the complexity of the administration of an estate when someone dies including the value and nature of the assets, whether or not there is a will, the number of beneficiaries and whether there is inheritance tax to pay. As shown in what people say about me, my services are unique and bespoke tailored to your individual circumstances and how much you are able to do yourself or whether you need a full hands on support or a lighter touch. People who have used my services are busy people with busy lives, all trying to navigate their way around a jigsaw puzzle without the picture in front of them and with many of the pieces missing. 

A recent client said to me recently that I was like her own private investigator, that I knew my stuff and that I was her rock and she didn’t know how she’d be coping without me.   

Solicitors may charge an hourly rate for time they spend on the administration of an estate and some charge a percentage of the value of the estate. You will also see fixed price probate quotations.  My support packages are based on an hourly rate for smaller tasks or full day rates including the option for me to come to your home and provide a hands on service where needed.  I will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements with you in our initial call.

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