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Preparing Your End of Life Plan


We don't know when it's time for our last year or last breath until it's happened, and then of course it's too late to do anything. I can help you understand and consider the emotional, legal and administrative consequences of you not being here. I can help you to get your personal, financial and legal affairs and end of life instructions, essential for the needs of your family and friends, in order before your loved ones have to. Think of your End of Life Plan as an insurance policy without the recurring monthly costs.

Whilst end of life is inevitable, it's also the elephant in the room that everyone avoids talking about especially with the people they care about. I know that many people are not aware of what will happen to their personal effects when they die and leave everything to chance. I can assure you that nothing is simple after death when personal assets are frozen, often leaving loved ones without access to any money. I can also help you understand the English legal process (probate and intestacy) that your loved ones will need to deal with in order to access these assets.

Benefits of completing your End of Life Plan

    • personal support from a knowledgeable and experienced facilitator;

    • accountability ensures that you finish what you set out to do (usually within 3 months);

    • a positive feeling knowing your wishes have been expressed and documented;

    • satisfaction knowing your loved ones won't be left in the dark knowing what you want;

    • save time and money;

    • loved ones can get on with grieving rather than having to deal with unresolved financial and other practical        matters;

    • a handy workbook to record your important information and wishes;

    • a tried and tested Before I Go Method® online program and resources that guide you through the end of life planning process; that eliminates the anxiety and overwhelm that many feel when faced with sorting out these arrangements.

Do you really want to leave this kind of burden for your loved ones when you are no longer here to ask? 

When you are fit and healthy, the last thing on your mind is the end of your life. However, this is actually the very time to address the issues. Planning for death when you are healthy means there is a lot less to think about if you become seriously ill. And if you want to save your loved ones from heartache, arguments and unnecessary expenditure after you've gone, then you need to create your end of life plan, well in advance! 

Would it feel more manageable to have someone help you?  

If you feel you would love to have support from a trained facilitator either one to one or with the interaction with a group of others doing the same thing, helping you feel more confident and sharing fascinating conversations as you create your own plan, then you are in the right place. To help you prepare well, we provide End of Life Planning tools and guidance to make the journey much easier, simpler and straightforward - and we help you do it in a way that is enjoyable too.

What does an End of Life Plan include?

  • how to start the conversation with your loved ones;

  • legal preparation: questions to ask your lawyer about your will and powers of attorney;

  • choosing your executor;

  • distributing your assets;

  • choosing your substitute decision-maker for health care & treatment;

  • Advance Care Planning;

  • funeral plans: cremation or burial or other;

  • legacy plans;

  • what to do with your social media and other digital assets;

  • and more . . . . . 

Group Programme


Group online coaching programmes are held on Fridays from 20:00 to 21:00.

Price is per person and gives you access to resources and a workbook, which you can work through at your own pace. 5 easy modules plus 2 bonus modules. You will also receive 7 weeks of weekly live coaching support offering an online space to come and ask questions and have time to work on your plan.

My Programmes

Bespoke Group Coaching


If you’d like to attend a group programme in the company of your own family and friends and people you know and trust, at a day and time convenient to you, please enquire below. 

1 to 1 Coaching 


If you’d prefer the intimacy of one to one support, this programme which includes six weekly coaching calls on your own with me is for you.


In your own home

A face to face package visiting you in your own home providing hands on support wading through all your papers to help you make sense of everything is available on request, and dependent on location. (price on application)

Get those ducks in a row by creating your own end of life plan!

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