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About Liz

I am Liz Taylor.  I used to provide guidance for FTSE 250 companies and boards of directors.  Now I do it for individuals.  I come from a strong business and legal background.  During 2010 to 2014, I lost four of the most important people in my life, my marriage, my home and a job I loved. I have direct experience of the legal, emotional and administrative tasks of mourning and loss. As a result, I studied the latest methods with which to help others going through something similar.  By combining all these aspects of my life, I bring qualifications with The Governance Institute, The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, The Before I Go Solutions Organisation and the Grief Recovery Institute. I am also a member of the Soul Midwives Movement. 


Things I've Learnt

  • While end of life is inevitable, it's also 'the elephant in the room that everyone avoids talking about' especially with the people you care about. We don't know when it's time for our last breath until it's happened, and then of course, it's too late to do anything. 

  • We should challenge the social convention that we don’t talk about loss and death, before it happens or afterwards. I believe that we need to demystify death and not leave things to chance. 

  • Most people have very little awareness of the impact of their death.  I can assure you that nothing is simple after death, when personal assets are frozen.  The majority of people believe that everything they own will go to their next of kin.  But in reality, this needs to be planned for and written down.

  • Death can leave us devastated and can seriously affect your ability to have a happy, healthy life. We are no longer able to concentrate, are consumed by pain, and contrary to popular belief, things can actually feel worse over time. 

  • Everyone experiences loss at some point in their lives, whether caused by a death, a divorce, the end of a career, the death of a pet, the end of a significant relationship, or other losses, and we're not taught how to deal with it in regular education. 

  • I’ve seen that it can be transformational for a person to have a safe space to discuss bereavement and loss.

  • Creating an end of life plan brings relief and peace of mind and will save your loved ones from the heartache, arguments and unnecessary expenditure after you've gone. I recently supported my friend who died within eight weeks of a cancer diagnosis and we completed her plan in less than 48 hours at a time of huge shock and despair. She said afterwards that she could now die in peace.

If this discussion resonates with you, please contact me.


What People Say

Following the devastating loss of my father, Liz guided me and supported me through the complexities of HMRC's probate system. Grief can make such tasks as this feel overwhelming and insurmountable, but nonetheless cannot be avoided. Liz understands that there are aspects to the handling of a loved ones estate, such as the sale of our family home, that come with huge sentimental burdens. Liz has a unique ability that allows her to maintain professionalism to get the tasks needed done, whilst providing that much needed emotional support. Liz and Emotional-rescue go above and beyond and for this reason I give my highest recommendation. 

Michelle H

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