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Emotional, legal and practical support in times of loss.  


My mission is to support you and your loved ones with the emotional, legal and practical matters arising at times of bereavement and loss - providing care and help when you need it most. I also help you to get your personal, financial and legal affairs ​and end of life instructions, in order before your loved ones have to. 

Emotional Support

I have many years experience of supporting people through loss and as a Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist am able to teach you lifelong tools to help you recover. Someone independent of family and friends to really listen. Whether caused by death, divorce, the end of a relationship, the end of a career, the death of a pet, or other losses and tragedies, there is a way to move forward. 

Legal and Practical Support
The burden of administration that a loved one has left behind can be bewildering and so many people leave things to chance when they die. As a licensed Before I Go Solutions Facilitator, I can help you prepare your personal, financial and legal information and end of life instructions, before your loved ones have to. And when the inevitable happens, I can help those left behind with all the administrative, financial and legal details they face including the English probate process.


I am here to help
I offer an initial free no obligation 30 minute chat to anyone who would like to learn more about the services I provide. Please contact me to arrange a suitable time and find out how I can help.


What People Say

Following the devastating loss of my father, Liz guided me and supported me through the complexities of HMRC's probate system. Grief can make such tasks as this feel overwhelming and insurmountable, but nonetheless cannot be avoided. Liz understands that there are aspects to the handling of a loved ones estate, such as the sale of our family home, that come with huge sentimental burdens. Liz has a unique ability that allows her to maintain professionalism to get the tasks needed done, whilst providing that much needed emotional support. Liz and Emotional-rescue go above and beyond and for this reason I give my highest recommendation. 

Michelle H

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